Rayne Precision offer a range of CNC machining, laser cutting and metal fabrication services to a variety of clients, all consolidated by an infallible reputation for efficiency and product quality.

Founded over 30 years ago with a primary focus on CNC machining, we capitalised on the need for a comprehensive service, developing into a multi-faceted company capable of catering to a wide remit of client requirements. As such we have worked to expand our services and skill set, and now offer complete metal cutting, bending and welding solutions to a growing base of clients and partners.

Ours is an organisation grounded in practical expertise yet driven by technological advancement. We continually invest in the latest technology to provide a highly efficient service with minimal room for error. Each of our metal fabrications are subject to the most stringent of quality control procedures carried out by our CNC machining specialists, guaranteeing a product revered for quality and durability.

Rayne Precision currently work with a number of local, national and global clients, and specialise in catering to specific briefs as closely as possible. Visit our Contact Us page, or call us on 01782 333917, to discuss a project today.

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